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The radio station that should have been an email


As the whole world went into its unprecedented lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the founders of Emakina Group wanted us to help write some encouraging words for all our group leaders to share with all our people around the world.

But, we thought, what if we go beyond an email? What if we turn this adversity into an opportunity to get even closer as a group? What if we build a group radio station? A 24/7 stream to bring music, podcasts and group news - right into their headphones - as they work from their homes in Brussels, Novisad, Dubai, Paris, Amsterdam, Izmir, Stockholm, Singapore and beyond.

In six days, we went from a meeting with a lot of what-ifs to a fully functioning radio station, complete with an identity, music licensing agreements, newscasts, original content and more.

For three months, inspired, connected and helped to strengthen the bonds between the people of the Emakina Group.

The world is slowly returning to normal. A new normal, perhaps. And a new reality for the Emakina Group in which we are all closer together.


So for now, we push the pause button on this great station. But, of course, we have already asked ourselves ... what if?


So, watch this space.

TechOut (French) - Emakina FM